Thursday, August 27, 2009

picture dump

the winners! my daughter made me hold her and i was too cold to just wear my jersey..
my favorite pic!!!
roundin' a corner..
my style looks just a tad off...maybe cuz im hurtin' a bit at this point..singin "i gotta feelin..that tonite's gonna be a good nite, that tonites gonna be a good good night"..

the finale the follwing day


the tube was awesome, had to ride up it fast, see the guy behind me...

Here's some great pics from the race last weekend.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Alps and a bike race

Its been a while since ive updated this old thang, so i'll dust out the cobwebs and tell u the shenanigans ive been up to..

first, two weeks ago, we went back up to the alps to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. We camped with some friends and went to the real lake eibsee, well, last time i told you that is where we went, I was wrong. Justin and I rode into Austria to Plansee, not eibsee, which is still in germany, right under the zugspitz. Im a doofus, wish someone would have told me, but i guess looking like an idiot is funnier...haha!

We hiked up to partnach gorge, its beautiful. Justin and I rode with a friend, who never rides, to Eibsee and he almost died. I almost died. I was hauling rylee in her baby bike trailer, on my cyclocross bike, and we went straight up for like miles and miles. At some point Justin had to put the baby trailer on his bike because my tires kept sliding out on the climbs. it was a good weekend though.

Then this past weekend was the six hour race. It was tough, but i kept on going and i actually won! Yeah, and this race was not your typical through the woods race. This race was in an abandoned old industrial park. With smokestacks and crap. Well, some of the course actually went into the old abandoned builidings and they would have these disco lights and flashing lights and music and twisty obastacles, straight down drops, dark halls of wooden planks, strobe lights in the dark, it was the NUTS< but it was soooo much fun. Oh and I even rode through a giant pipe, it was neato! then it would throw you out into the forest for some quick and fun twisty climby singletrack, then back around. I ended up doing 91km, and 13 laps, in six hours. What a blast! I owe it all to Justin though. He fed me and kept me drinking every 30 minutes with fresh drink and gels, etc. and watched the little ones. Im a lucky girl! At the awards ceremony that night, they even had fireworks at the finale, it was unreal!

I feel pretty darned good and am ready to finish out the season next month with four more races to go. I am excited for next season because i feel like i am finally getting my fitness back after having my last baby. Its ABOUT freakin TIME!!!

Well, i will blog more later, but that is whats been up lately. hope everyone is doing good! Peace and happiness always! angie

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

you know you been training....

when you dont update your blog in a long while...

I have been busy, the days that im resting, im trying to get caught up on the multitude of things that i've neglected, like my house cleaning, my children (kidding), etc...

Bamberg was another first place for me. I only raced against two other ladies, and they were beginners pretty much, so I put forth the effort to race with the men. That was sooo much fun, excpet the part where I almost took out about 5 of them, due to my sloppy technical skills. When the gun went off, I was in the lead pack, there were about 10 of us. The boys did not want me in the group, many kept looking to see where I was. It was HILARIOUS!! Well, those boys, the ones that kept looking back, eventually would fall back, and i would pass them with a nice smile. I played cat and mouse with several of them throughout and it was a lot of fun. The course was a 10 km loop that was fast, with fireroad, singletrack and some nice technical patches. We did 30k, roughly 18 miles, but it was an all out effort and I was definately pushing my limits most of the race. The last mile of the race, my rear derailleur hangar snapped. I had to RUN my bike all the way to the finish! It SUCKED> i am not a runner,,,,imagine a troll trying to run with a bike all verklempt and stoopid looking, thats me!

anyway, I came in 8th overall. 1 hour 27 minutes. It was fun, minus mechanical and I still got the points for first place in the womens cat.

I am leaving tomorrow for a training weekend in the alps, for camping and fun too. Then the weekend next is the 6 hour race. I have had serious probs with post race recovery and my body seems to need a lot of sugar, i need a doc that knows crap about exercise physiology, but for now, we are doing our best to counteract the effects of hypoglycemia after riding. im not diabetic, what the hell!

i will do my best to update more frequently, hope everyone is having a good summer.