Monday, March 29, 2010

I still maintain this blog!

After a cold, harsh, looong winter here in Europe, I think Spring is finally coming around. Last week, we had a high of 70 one day, but after a few days of warmer temps and sunshine, the clouds and rain have rolled back into Bavaria. The long days of darkness, insanity from inside workouts and freezing temps are soon but a memory..

There have been some recent changes to the race calendar. The big one that sux is that Finale Ligure (italia) is pretty much out. We thought we had two other teammates, but then they were not able to commit and and we were not able to find suitable replacements. We wanted to go into the race with some confidence and competitiveness, oh well, maybe next year. First race up for me is the Munich city bike marathon, 80 something km of fun, in about 3 weeks or so, but before that, we are going to spend a week in Spain on the beaches near Barcelona for a little bit of rest and relaxation after a cold ass fraking winter in the Oberplatz. Justin say's he's manning the beer tent at munich, he did this race last year and said it was pretty good, minus a few eff-ups by the race router peoples, but hopefully I will be luckier than him this year!

Im looking forward to dusting off the cobwebs in my lungs and pushing it in the saddle again this year. I have been consistent in my training, thanks to the Vilseck army gym on post (they have spinning bikes at your leisure and I can even clip in with my sidi's). I've been doing the core thing Justin prescribed and lifting weights. I have had trouble dropping 10lbs I need to lose, but the good ol German diet (beer, meat, more beer) probably are to blame. Justin and I are also planning out a possible 24 hour duo or even (gasp!) solo by moi. What the hell, like I havent suffered enough giving birth, lets add some more torture to the body...hahahhahahah (sarcatic)

My mountain bike is currently under contruction as I await the new '10 Fox fork that is on its way to me! Justin has changed out, cleaned up parts and now I am considering a new saddle, but not sure what to get yet, it has to be pretty, functional and kind to the girly parts...Oh, and so, so excited!!!!!>>>> Fox Racing shox has sponsored me in their grassroots, so new fork!! Pretty excited to represent and get that baby mounted! Im excited to test out the new fit technology and get a review up here. That sexy white piece of hardware is gonna look bitchin' on the Kona hardtail. Still have the singlespeed conversion on the race bike and not sure if Im gonna change back, but probably will at some point.

Im also sticking with Velo Bella again this year. I have been with this team now since 2004 and have met so many awesome ladies and dudes. I stick with the mission of this team to "encourage a healthy and active lifestyle through cycling and laughter. We inspire women to get out and ride a bike, race a bike, and to eventually grow the pool of talent and have a lot of fun along the way". I have had so much fun along the way and hope to keep it rolling, and maybe bring and inspire some new talent into the crazy, fun world of belladom!

Anywayz, Im off to rock the farmroads on my cross bike. Mud facials, sandblasted legs, muddy ass crak, its all in a days work for Angie K., but isnt it about the ride in the first place??? to come in the next few days. Happy spring to all!!