Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The life

Things are progressing along nicely so far. My knees are getting better, there is some slight pain still, but it is definitely getting better. I am able to spin at high intensity and get out of the saddle, so that is a good sign.

Justin just signed us up as a duo for the 12 hours in kulsheim in July (whitesnakes "here i go" is the song that plays on there home page..cool!) but the big mutha is the 24 hour race in Finale Ligure, Italy May 22. Im super excited for this race, but we are kinda freakng out cuz we still need two people for our 4 man team. We are going to take a week off and go to Italy, explore, as this is on the italian med. and we've never been that way before. Aside from recupping from a 24 hr race, I plan on tanning and laying on the beach as much as possible! Yes, this has gotta be the life.

I have my season training plan in hand, as Justin is coaching 6 athletes, including me, and Im really excited to have this structure. He took me to the gym last week and showed me a bunch of core work exercises that showed me how weak my "core" really was. I have been doing my own core work, but it was not as freaking hard as his stuff. I guess I was being too easy on little ol meself....

So, I am downloading Guns n roses greatest hits to my ipod right now, I need some new music besides all this techno garbage Ive been listening to for a long time. Back to the grit, back to the sweat, back to training hard. Cant wait for the season to begin.

First race for me is Munich City Marathon in April. Yep its coming upon me, 80km of lungbustin', leg shreddin' madness. I wanna be ready!! Im working on it! ....Yep, this is the life!