Sunday, May 30, 2010

Official Farmers Tan Recipient

Yesterday was a great day, the sun was out after a week of wet and cooler temps.  Bavaria, well, Germany is funny like that.  It will rain a week, then the sun will come out all crazy and hot, then the next day (like today) it will be raining again.  Nature is a big TEASE around here.  Lately in my pursuit of non-monotony, I've been heading out the door with no intentions, as far as where Im going.  Im just on a journey to nowhere.  I am fully suprised that I have not gotten lost yet.  And I keep secretly thinking it would be fun to get lost, exept that mein deutsch sucks so bad, that if I asked for directions, I would never get home!!  I found this isolated little village through this tunnel.  Before I entered this tunnel, a cat was on top of it looking at me very suspiciously..  I thought it strange there was a cat on top of a tunnel.  I have found some awesome stuff, not a lot of singletrack, but a hell of a lotof forest riding, mud, sticks, roots, its all good I say.
I am truly captivated by nature.  The simple beauty of random flowers, the colors, the smells, it really makes you appreciate life.  The flowers be blooming like crrraazy up in this place, my nose enjoys it, although it runs just a little extra more.  The red poppy's are starting to come up too.  Pics of those next time.  These cool twisty trees are a common sight on my runs through the forests here.  I think they look sooo cool.

 So yesterday, as I got "lost" and wandered into nowhere, I logged 4 hours on the bike, 50 miles of fun on my mountain bike.  I have logged in a lot of hours and miles in just the last two weeks, things are right on schedule!!  And knowing that in a little over a month, Justin and I will be doing two 12 hour duo races, my motivation is keeping me in a good place mentally when I head out the door into a 'nother freakin' wet day.  I think its what makes us stronger than the average joe/jane.  We push ourselves just a little more, we sacrifice, we adapt to make our bodies amazing machines of super human power!!!  or maybe we are just all insane(probably), either way, I love my bike and I will ride rain, snow(maybe) or sun!

**  We also have big news!!...and HELL to tha NO!!--Im not pregnant!!  But I will post it later, its still a suprise ; ). **

Today, as I type this on a lovely Sunday morning, I hear heavy droplets of rain on the windows, meaning its heavy sideways rain.  So, as required in my training plan, I will head out into the wet, cold Bavarian countryside for a three hour ride and brave getting lost in nowhere land...

Monday, May 24, 2010

fun in the sun

The sun has finally hit Germany!  Wow!  Its amazing how much of an effect the sun has in this part of the world.  People are so cheery and even the birds seem to sing louder.
This weekend I spent six hours in the saddle, and last week intervals, or pukervals as I like to call them ; )  There are some races coming up, maybe a marathon this weekend in Garmisch, but we are still debating as the weather is to turn to crap, it wont be fun for the two little ones if its cold and rainy.  I am super excited for our 12 hour race in July.  Justin and I doing it as a duo, and alot of his team mates are coming out for this one, so it should be a blast.  We are going to each ride six hours, on top of having our two kiddos with us, it should be good times!
self portrait:
Nothing better than recovering with Nutella, a hormonal girl's best friend ; )  ..its amazing on fresh baked bread from your village bakery
I hardly took any pics this weekend because I just didnt want to stop.  I did a little exploring yesterday and found a new trail quite a bit away from the normal jaunts I take.  It feels like a kid opening a new present when you find uncharted territory like that!  I just cant get over how much riding there is here.  Germany is pretty much awesome.  I love it here.  I dont know how it will be when we go back to the states, but I am starting to feel like this is home.   Angie

Monday, May 17, 2010

brrr racing

Saturday Justin and I loaded up the kiddo's and headed to the US forces race in Graf.  The weather hasnt been that awesome lately, so I was pretty much expecting muddy conditions and coldness.  I was not let down when I pre-rode the course.  It was wet, muddy and cooold! 

The Graf outdoor rec staff put on a great race.  Besides pre-riding the course backwards, everything was well marked and the course was pretty fun.  It had pretty much everything you wanted, a few steep descents, some singletrack here and there and some grassy road thrown in.  I was not expecting that much, but I was pleasantly surprised!  Unfortunately there wasn't a huge turnout, maybe the weather scared people away, so that kinda sucked.  Anyway, I ended up getting second place, but I am definitely not upset about it.  I went into the race knowing that my fitness was not going to be ultra competitive.  I wanted this race to be a marker, so that I could see where Im at and what I need to work on.  I had a few minor setbacks with our extended trip to Spain and the extra ass weight, so I pretty much knew what I was headed for.  I had a lot of fun racing this course, it didnt matter to me what kind of results, I just wanted to race, its what I've been doing every summer for the past 12 years!!  I want my fitness to peak mid summer, because that is when a lot of our racing is going on.  I am very confident that in the next few months, super huge gains will be made.  Justin's training plan is awesome and I dont see much but torture in the coming weeks.  I am super excited for the future.  (geez, i say 'super' alot)  Anyway, Justin and I are signed up for some 12 hour duo races, marathons and some possible solo 24 ventures.  With him as a team mate, I am very confident we can do some damage! ; )
At the finish trying to find my lungs:
Speaking of JK, Justin had a great race.  He killed the competition.  He is really an amazing athlete and has come back from some serious injury.  So, he won the overall and he's so humble and really just wants to see others enjoying themselves as well.  Im really proud of him, and I am glad he is coaching me, because I want some of that mojo!!
Like always, he makes it look so easy:
This is my little guy, someday this kid is gonna be wearing gold!
Not sure if I am racing this weekend, possible one on Sunday, but Justin and I are headed to Garmisch, a fun town in the Bavarian Alps over memorial day weekend for a two day mountain stage race.  Since we have kids, he will do one day, and I will do the other.  So lots of racing going on, just getting started...more to come...hope life is treating everyone well!  angie
p.s. Height has NOTHING to do with being a fast mountain biker.  Just ask Willow Koerber, or Irina Kalentieva, Geesh!!

Oh and the Fox fork rides like a dream.  I loooooove it!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I've been busy training and trying to get back into shape since our trip to Spain.  Since we had so much time on our hands in Spain, most of it was spent eating or drinking and I really didnt restrain myself (lesson learned here).  So I gained some extra pounds.  Im only five feet tall and I can tell how much extra weight brings me down on the bike.  These bad girls better deliver come race day: 

I am slowly losing the weight, but I have been racking up miles, but mostly its been all about Intensity.  I've also been cutting calories and its a dangerous combination on the training front, but I have Justin watching over me and he has most of it dialed in just right so there isnt a significant weight loss.  I want to still be healthy here!!  My legs are are feeling tired, not to mention just me, Im tired!!  But I know that this training block will pay off later.  Im also going to get my legs flushed out.  Im a massage therapist, and I cant stress how important and vital to your training it is to 'pamper' yourself.  A good, brisk sports massage is not really a fluffy, foo foo massage, not mention its not the most relaxing massage, but it does work and aids in a quicker recovery, gets blood and O2 into those muscles you punish.  They will reward you with their hard work later if you take care of them.... 

Today will be my last day of riding before I take some days off before I race on Saturday.  This Sat is not a priority race, it is a military race on an Army base.  Justin and I are civilians, but we still get to do them because he works on the base, so its really great!  I really love doing these races, the people who put these races on usually do a superb job and the vibe is great.  This race is more just for fun, but I will still push it out there and get the legs ready for some real racing coming up. 

I think the race on Saturday is a pretty short track, but hopefully it's technical and tricky, cuz thats how I like it!!

I really like the plan Justin has me on.  I already feel a lot more confident going into the season, even though I gained a little extra booty/thigh.  I am so glad I worked with the weights and all the core work I did.  I can really tell a difference.
This is a pic of my ride back home, the chuch tower in the distance is in my village.  It rained/lightning'd and blew some gnarly wind a few hours after this pic was taken:
I will update this thing soon!  Thanks for reading!  Angie

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I had a great weekend riding.  There is so much rural land around where I live and so many off road trails to take.  This weekend I followed the "red cross trail" and stumbled into some nice singletrack.  A lot of climbing.  At the top of the climb is the old church, it overlooks the city of Amberg.   
At the top of the climb out of Amberg is the church that stands guard over the city, pretty magnificent in person

One of the coolest finds was a "north shore" type track that had the wooden plank stuff and all that.  I didnt get a pic cuz there were some guys there and I didnt want them to think that I was some weirdo stalker chick taking their pic, but Im going back and definately gonna give it a try.

For your viewing pleazure....

dandy fields
wow, cute directions on the "red cross trail" german, but I still figured it out
I love slippery roots and climbing, its a bit treacherous, hard to tell from the photo lens:

lots of wide open spaces....