Monday, July 5, 2010

2nd place is better than I hoped for!

Well, the 12 hour race was brutal.  Not that it was hard physically, but it was the mental focus that started to wear on us.  The biggest part of this was the heat.  It was 90 degrees out there and it was really humid, with no wind.  Some of the course was in the trees, but it felt like we were in an oven most the time.  Physically we could manage, but the heat started to wear us down, had to be strong and just push past that.  Justin and I had our strategy set in place prior to the race, but realized as we started that things would need to be tweaked and a new plan put in place. 
settin' up the koppa pit:
When I wasnt riding, I was feed zone girl, and it was great because the race passed right next to our setup, as did for everyone, so it was a matter of just seeing Justin come through and handing off his feed.  It was necessary to have COLD and fresh water every other lap because it was so hot.  The race had a great organized food area and lots of beverages. 
There were 5 mixed duo teams.  At one point, our team was in 5th place.  But we managed to keep the pace consistent and snagged 2nd place!  I am very happy with our results!!!
first lap freshness:
On the complaints end, I felt bad from the get-go.  My legs never fired up and I just didnt have any giddy'up.  I could ride a consistent pace, but I just didnt have any fire and that was a little disappointing.  It really bothered me that I couldnt just punch it on some spots, and I would see guys pass me that were on on the 4 man teams on basically huffy bikes, tearing it up.  I do know what happened and why, and I have learned from my mistakes.  I use this race as a platform to build on and learn from for the next one.  As far as my team mate, Justin is a fast and super talented cyclist.  Ask anyone that knows him.  But he was sick.  It was a situation that could have bad consequences.  We didnt want to not try, but he didnt want to run himself into the ground and gamble his future fitness away, so he played very conservative.  His conservative makes me look molasses, but he still rode amazing and that is why he is one of my heroes.
Our kids...that is another factor.  We took our little ones, because we always do this, they go everywhere with us.  But, this was a new situation for us, as far as us both racing this long of a race and alternating between recovery and racing.  My kids are pretty awesome.  They played and when they got bored, they found rocks and sticks and grass to play with.  They didnt even fight that much, so I was real proud of them.  I know they can handle it.  And today they are getting rewarded for being good, by going to Playmobil Land.
Yes, I am that kind of parent.  I reward for good behaviour, and if you think thats wrong, I dont really care what you think.

dusk, and almost finished!
at the end of 12hours 9am-9pm, teammates:
The awards ceremony started at 10pm, we ate some great german food and got our podium, along with some Marmot, Crankbrothers and Deuter gear.  We also got a pretty sweet trophy made from marble.  I was suprised to get anything actually.  Thanks so much!!!  It was great!
some german puttinsteak and spagel/potatoes, it hit the spot
So, next week the movers come, then the following weekend we have another 12 hour race.  We are on the fence if we will be able to do it.  Its a sketchy situation.  We will be livng in a hotel by then, and JK will be about to start a new job.  Might be too much, but that's how we roll, so probably will do it anyway. 

I will post more pics soon,, Angie

Thursday, July 1, 2010

been busy

Well, of course, as everyone says that maintains a blog; "sorry for a lack up updates, I've been riding" or whatever.  So, thats my exuse ; ).  I've been logging big miles, along with big recovery.  So, the el bloggo has been on the bottom of my 'to-do' list these days (sorry : ((

Last weekend alone, I logged 9 hours of ride time.  Justin and I are "gearing" up for a 12 hour duo race on Saturday.  I am ready and biting the bit, ready to dig deep and just do it!!!  I feel confident because Justin who is not only my husband, but my coach, not to mention the coach of several other athletes, has made me an amazing training plan that I have seen solid results, and if you do the work, the work will reward you.  The heat has been turned up to 11 here in Deutschland.  Im not complaining.  I love it!  I basically have spent everyday at the pool, so I've been trying to stave off the farmers tan, but I can assure you there is still a tan line from my bike shorts, so might not get it even just yet.

pics from my weekend riding

cool farmhouse

religious symbolism all over bavaria, love it!

heading into a cute little village, cobblestone roads are awesome!

Saturday is supposed to be 91 degrees.  That is hot for a country that doesnt believe in air conditioning.  It should be interesting too because we are doing this duo without help, meaning that we have no babysitters for our children or for ourselves.  We have the idea that while I ride my six, Justin will be on dad duty and vice versa.  Should be fine, as my body has adapted to being in the saddle for long periods, I dont think I will be too dead to look after my children, although the heat might be a factor.  On top of the 'fun factor', Justin caught a nasty cold, its in his chest and it doesnt want to go away, so might make things even more interesting.  I did not go into any race wanting to get 2nd place.  I hope we have the chance to be competitive, but we shall see, we shall see.  Our kids are pretty awesome though, they are global travelers, and adapt pretty well to stress and change, so I have faith they can chillax for 12hrs while their parents race (this is wishful, hopeful, crossing my fingers thinking/affirmation).
Last weekend I had the great opportunity of riding to a castle, that is not far from where I live.  Saturday I just went out to explore the bavarian mountain/countryside headed towards the Czech border region.  Awesome riding out there, even found singletrack.  It was nice n'toasty, and saw the remains of a castle many km away, since I was already hours into a 4 hour ride, I thought it best to turn back home, but wanted to see more.
You can kinda see the castle ruins on the top of the hill:

So Sunday, made it my goal to get to the castle and beyond.  The last 3or 4 km of the ride to the top was full on steep singletrack.  It was tough, I even thought to stop and walk, which I NEVER do, but it was humid and hot, and thank God there was a fountain in the little village at the top I was able to cool off on.
Was able to do it and was out there for 5 hours, but it was awesome.  I felt remarkably well, except that I forgot my cell phone, so Justin got worried and started looking for me three hours into the ride.  He never found me, and came home when I called him from the house asking where they all were ( I thought they all decided to ditch me for the pool).
Castle Pics:
I hope everyone has an awesome 4th of July!  I know I will be recovering from the 12 hour race, but I will be celebrating the 4th with fireworks and fun on the U.S. Army base along with our servicemen and women that make the USA great.  I hope I find myself a hotdog or a funnel cake or something that reminds me of home.  I miss home, but I also love Germany and it is my second home now.  Thanks to our troops!!  Thankyou for your service!!