Thursday, October 21, 2010

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Here are some pics for your viewing to Paris for the weekend, visiting the spooky side of  Paris-catacombs, cemeteries, gargoyles of Notre Dame, so planning on taking a crapload of photos, check back soon!
 This is my village, Im on one of the many hills that overlook the area, my house is one of the very last in the back:

 Now you have NO reason not to train outside in the winter:
 The best reason I wake up every morning:

the season that matters most: cross season

I think that of all the four seasons, I like cross best.  I really like to watch it.  I need to participate in this next year(when I've actually had a full on race season!), but this year, I will enjoy the sport of spectatin' and enjoy watching boys play in the mud (what girl wouldnt?).

Last weekend we moseye'd ourselves over to Hochspeyer for a cross race put on by an American guy living over here in Deutschland.  It was the perfect day, as the prior night, it was raining and cold.  That morning the course looked the way it should (muddy, cold and wet).  I was excited to watch Justin suffer, especially since he was in a grouchy mood that morning.  Just kidding, but really, it was fun to watch him push it beyond his normal limits and although he wasnt feeling at full form, he slowly watched his second place slip down a few notches finishing a very respectable 5th.  The course looked really fun and it was great to have the race close to home.  Promoter did a super job, so thanks Ken Bloomer!  

We didnt stick around too long, as our 4yr old was in protest mode, she wasnt too keen on being that cold, and I DID forget her gloves (Isuck), so found out later that Justin even got a prize!  Wow, so cool.  So next up is most likely Karlsruhe, on Halloween.  I wonder what Justin will dress up as?  I wonder if the German racers will dress up??  I wonder if I should wear something scary or sexy?  Just kidding, but seriously, Its fun to watch this stuff and if you havent you definately should!!

It was cool to see some other Americans there as well, and they live in our vicinity so its always great to meet up with like minded peeps.

Anyways...I am really amazed that people still take the time to read this blog.  Im sorry if its boring, but its been fun and I am trying to post more,,see, this post comes only a week'ish from the last, not to bad!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

imagine im contributing to this blog

Everyday I think about things I am going to write about on this blog.  I come up with some awesome thoughts, and then I get home from my walks or whatever and I immediately get sucked back into my life, kids needing something, husband requesting my often gets tucked away in my brain, so far that I often forget the cool, awesome things I want to share with the world.

We have been continually busy people since moving to our new place here in Germany.  Its been great to say the least.  We have been traveling, enjoying the company of good friends visiting from the states, and just enjoying our new digs. 

The house is amazing.  We go back and forth on deciding if we want to buy this place.  Right now, we are just enjoying having so much open space all around and the amount of riding in close proximity.  A great thing is that the highest point here, where all the cyclists go to train for climbs is pretty much right behind our house.  Its a good few miles, but the climb is a paved sufferfest and Im sure I will get to initiate my vomit once or twice on this mountain come spring (sorry for that ; )))..Our village is super small, not even a bakery, but its an amazingly beautiful location, surrounded by huge rolling green hills.  I love all the cows, and sheep that dot the countryside.
On top of Germay, at the Zugspitz:
Last weekend we went to Oberammergau and Garmisch for a Ritchey mountain bike marathon.  It was Justin's race and he did great!  He was somewhere midpack, after three hours in the saddle and over 5000 ft of climbing, he was spent!!  No pain, No gain!!  He was amazing...oh and we climbed the zugspitz, the highest peak in Deustchland, it was so beautiful up there, if you ever can take the train up, do it!!  Then take the cable car down, AWESOME!  I am planning on actually climbing to the summit next summer, no train, no cablecar.  I love to climb mountains!!  

Cyclocross season is starting up and we will head to a local cross race and support local racing next weekend.  Im excited to watch, yes, watch this year, and get some good action shots.

Im still getting used to my new slr, Im really, really knew to the digital slr world, the nikkon is not too hard to figure out, but it is a lot of trial and error on my part.  Im diggin' it though.  I just ordered a backpack style camera bag, so I can take it on rides and travel, it will be so much better.

Im looking forward to heading to the states in a few months for a good long vacation.  It will be two years since I've been in the USA, and Im excited.  I miss family and just being around my fellow countrymen.  My parents just bought a house in beach in Florida, so I am also excited to go visit them and soak up the sun in the future.

I will post some great pics later, my connection has been crappy lately.

I am excited for the possibilities for the next race season.  Just planning to rack up an assload of miles over the next 3-4 months and then get ready for the races again.  I am excited, because this is the time to enjoy the bike, to sit back and watch the colors change in the trees, breathe easily and watch the arrival of fall, all from the top of my handlebars...