Monday, June 29, 2009

still dont knw wht the h is going on..

if anyone knows anything, email me at, my site keeps redirecting, some people it doesnt do it to, and some it does, it goes to the china museum sex site, which is freakin' stooooopid!!

anyway, i am computer dummy, so if someone can give me insight on how to fix it, please help!!!

I will post some pics and do a quick write uup anyway.

Yesterday, Justin and I took off through to the bavarian countryside, through some cool little forest towns. Seems my legs are pretty much spent due to the efforts I have put them through the past 3 weeks. I felt the fatigue the night before, then we went out and I was able to spin nice and easy, but any efforts, and i just didnt have it. Justin kept the pace easy, so that was good. The weather has been wet, lots of rain, so muddy off road and really humid. We left really early and it was so humid, you really didnt need to take a shower...

We are leaving Thurs for the Alps. I am really excited to camp and bike and eat and have some fun with my kids.

Justin made an awesome pizza Sat night. It is easy peasy, he makes his dough, lets it rise and all that, then just roll out your dough onto pizza pan, drizzle olive oil, layer with fresh spinach, tomato, feta cheese, pine nuts and grilled chicken breast, cook in oven for 25 minutes and whalaaa, you have urself a pizza!! We paired ours with a nice glass of belgian Chimay, and it was off the hooook!!

I dont know when my next race is, it will be next month, but havent decided on one yet. On another note, there is an Xterra here, close to where I live, and Im seriously thnking about doing it. It is in Sept. I need to start running ALOT more and swimming. I am kinda excited about trying something new, and there are a ton of them in the states, so I could keep doin' them when we move back.

Well, i hope i can get this site fixed and sorry! Angie

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today was a tough day. It hurt really bad, but I had fun and loved every single second of it.

Justin and I got up early and left for a 3+ hour training ride. Since our race was canceled this weekend we decided we need to get a lot of hours in the legs, so tomorrow a 4+ hr ride is in the works.

Justin took me to some amazing places. We were in the forest most of the time, then he took me down a road that went for a while to the bottom of a little village, at the bottom, he looks at me and says, okay, lets go back up, and i want you in zone 3-4 for the entire climb. He said he'd wait for me at the top. After about 20 minutes of climbing, I was still not to the top, and then I see him coming down and he's yelling in his angry tone "push it, you are not pushing hard enough", I sure felt like I was pushing hard, but his tone motivated me to push my limits and break through barriers.

It has been raining in Germany A LOT, so the trails were sooo wet and muddy. It was challenging and very slippery at a lot of places. But it was a lot of fun and I can feel the fatigue in my legs and i know in a few weeks all this riding and intensity is going to pay off.

We got our big wheel kits sometime last week, so Justin broke his kits cherry and now they are de-virginzed. It is actually really muddy and I need to get it in the wash after i finish this write uup....

Anyway, to top the day off, we headed into Vilseck to the schwimbadd and we were like the only people there. I guess we didnt care that there were storm clouds all around, so we went in the frigid cold ass water and it felt sooooooo good on the legs, then the big thunderheads rolled in and they ordered us out of the water so it was fun while it lasted.

Tomorrow a big ride is in order and Justin says we have to be up at oh-dark-thirty to start our ride. I dont care because there will be bacon with our breakfast and bacon cures all!!!!

Well, dont know what else to blog, but hope you and you'rs are having a great day, oh im posting pics of my little girl on her first bike (it was my sons until he outgrew it), she already has good form!!--Angie--

Friday, June 26, 2009


this site keep redirecting to some freakin' wierd site, so i am on it and trying to fix it if you read this message before it does that...


I been missin' you...

Ive been busy "training", like A LOT! Here's some pics i have taken recently. I have had a great summer so far, although it doesnt seem to really even feel like summer here. It rains a lot and the sun is on strike in this part of Germany. Some people say this is how it is here. I really miss Colorado, and I hope that we can call it home again, as I miss the endless riding and livin' in the rockies.

Last weekend, Justin and I headed to Hohenfels mountain bike race which is about an hour away. We had heard that this race was "the toughest" in the usafe series, so we were really excited to get our hurt on..

We arrived to the venue and I decided to preride the course. The start was up a slight jeep road and then narrowed into singletrack. The singletrack was tight, twisty, rooty and fast, but you had to have some technical riding skills to maneuver safely through if you wanted to let 'er rip. I decided i better hurry back, because i am notorious for missing my start. But i was eager, eager after that little preride and was anticipating a great race.

Well, the organizers of the race decided to do a lemans start. Justin's race started before me, so I hurried to watch him run and take off. He wasnt the first one on his bike, but after rounding the first corner, he was the first one into the singletrack. I was so excited to see him back in form after being sick and the recovery of his broken leg. Then the ladies lined up, to run, then we hit the bikes. I SUCK at running, and I was the last one to my bike, but amazingly I passed all the girls and was first into the singletrack. Thats when I just let it go. I felt confident rounding around the roots and rocks and twisted my way through the trees. I felt like i wasnt working too hard, but decided to push it because I wanted to hold a good gap on the gals chasing me. I looked back ONCE, only to see how close my second place rider was on my ass, i saw her pretty far back. I didnt race conservatively at all, I pushed the pace and it felt good! I was finally seeing some of my hard work pay off. The course itself was tough. It never really bottomed out so you could recover, it seemed like i was constantly working, always climbing.

Before long, I noticed I was close to the finish. Wow, i made it, I pushed it to the finish, even passed some guys from the mens race (beating boys is ssooooo fun, especially when you started 15 minutes behind them..heehhheeee).

End result: 1st place, overall and in my age group, had a 13 minute lead on 2nd place.

When I came across the finish, they asked me if Justin was my husband, I almost worried something was wrong, but they said he had a 10 minute lead on the group, WOW!! I was soooo excited to see him, when he came in, he had a 5 minute lead on 2nd place. So the Koppa's came and cleaned up and we had a lot of fun. We are going to try and do most of the series races, as it was a pretty good time, and they had food and beer post race, which was super sweet!

We had a marathon race scheduled for the weekend, but they cancelled it at the last minute, so that blows, but Justin ad I will do some good 4+ hour training rides. I love riding with that guy, he is so much fun and we just enjoy being together, he also makes me work hard and he gives me a lot of positive input and advice, i love you dude, you rock my world!!

We are headin' to the alps next weekend and we are gonna ride as much as we can. It is so freakin' beautiful up there and it reminds me of Colorado. I sure hope everyone is doing good and i will update this my results as they come in.

Also, I am doing these usafe races for Velo Bella. I am doing the german races for Big Wheel. I have been with Velo Bella for so many years, I have met a lot of amazing people and feel honored to be on the bored with them so, I gotta give back and do my part to bring bella love and beams to the women on post if I can. Big Wheel is a great opportunity to meet other American racers here Germany and beyond, not just American, but all races and cultures and I think that is pretty cool.

Anyway, I got some ridin' to do...see ya on the flpside..

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have done a bunch of stuff the past while, since ive been here last. I haven't been racing much, but that is okay. I am not going to worry about it. I have gained some weight, I can tell because when Im riding I feel like Im carrying an extra 10 pounds of rocks in my jersey pockets, but really its my ass, so I am focusing on losing the weight and getting back to health. We have all been sick. Its been a bummer, but now we are all feeling good, so life is good.

The news has been sad lately. I feel so bad for the families of the victims of the flight from brazil to Paris. My heart goes out to each family. I just cant imagine. I cant believe that some freak went and shot that dr in Kansas. WTF?!!! Religion can be scary. So many people die because of hate, inequality, gosh, whats up with the whole prop 8 thing? Its so sad.

Anyways, back to bike stuff. Germany is beautiful, so much beauty, and its everywhere~!! A few weeks ago, we went camping in the Bavarian Alps, on the Austrian border. Then we drove into Austria for a bit and then went to Neuswanstein castle. I dont know if Im spelling that right. Anyway, we had so much fun as a family. I think I want to stay in germany for a long time. I dont know if I will ever go back, unless I have to and hopefully I can find a place that is not full of hate, racism and freakin' evangicals, cuz Im sick of it!

We always get a lot of looks when the 29'er is on the bike rack. Its an attention getter, I wonder how long before we see them all over the place.

I am going to make a real effort to update this thing very frequently. I have been putting pics of everything on Facebook because its been easier to just do that, but I will do it here too.

In a few short weeks, I have made some observations about some things. Im growing, changing, maybe growing up (not too much though,,,hehehehe).