Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Not having the time to blog is not a bad thing. it is a sign/indication that i must be busy in my life. and being a busy bee is a good thing for me. i don't do well in stagnation.

life has purpose, and sometimes finding ones purpose takes us on all kinds of crazy road trips in this thing called life...

for now, im on a good path, and it is one that is seeing me on my way to accomplishment, happyness, and less self sabotaging.

And for once, I think I am gonna be OK.

Hope you are enjoying Your road trip.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Random musings

Im waking up to another beautiful sunny day!! That is two days in a row now. I even got to wear sunglasses, wow.

There is something so beautiful about sunlight, when you go days with out it, it becomes sort of magical. I made up this story to the kids as I made them sit in the sun for 15 minutes, as they squinted their eyes as if they had been in a cave for months, I tell them an elaborate story of a sun goddess bestowing her magic wand of light upon their little bodies and giving them special powers.
This week is another busy week for me. Im gonna work hard on the training front. Im gonna do the balancing act the best i can, you know, the >kids in one hand, husband, house cleaning and life in the other hand and somewhere squeeze a big training week on the bike in there somewhere.

Trust me, its do-able, Justin and I have been doing it for the past seven years, even toting Gavin as a baby to races, heck, I did my first 24 hour race 6 weeks into my pregnancy with Rylee. I did tell Justin that sometimes I wish it was just one of us that loved this sport so much, it would be easier, but then there would be that defecit in the relationship, you know, the one where the significant other begins to see that the bike is becoming the mistress in the relationship.

So I guess I am happy where it stands. We've been doing it long enough to know it works. I had a friend that would complain she couldnt race anymore with kids, she just couldnt hold a job, be a mom and still have time for the bike. At the time, Justin was working full time, finishing up his masters degree, traveling down to mexico for research for a week at a time, and still managing to race and pull off a few 1st and 2nd place podiums. I just kinda laughed. Its not right, its not wrong, its life and everyone gotta live it the way they think is right.

But, I do get to sleep next to this guy every night, making me the luckiest girl in the world.

Well, enough of this rant, Im making up for not posting forever. haha...
peace, Angie

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

too busy to do much

Caught the Obama inaug yesterday, so happy, so moved, I am ready Obama, do your best, although you have a big messy job ahead of you! I was really inspired by his speech.
Ive been kinda busy, I did pass my German driving test today!!! WOOOHOOO< now that is over and finished, i can move onto something else! I only missed six questions out of 100, so I am happy with that.

It's been snowing all day today, and its just all kinds of ass to ride in..I will post more tomorrow...

x's and O's


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

i luv to eat

It could be my downfall, next to beer, but I think food definitely takes the er, cake...I love to eat!

I am always trying to find new and exciting things to add to the menu. At this time of year when you are puttin' in base miles, I also am trying to bring the weight down so that i am not a fat pig going into the spring. It can be a challenge for this family. My super fast bike racer husband is six foot two and as skinny as a toothpick (lucky beeeaatch!). He has a great, lean body, nice muscle mass where it is needed, and the guy eats like a gazillions pounds of calories a day (and doesnt gain a pound of course--lucky beeeaatch!). I am a 4 ft 11.5 inches of whoopass and it doesn't take much to put the poundage on this vertically challenged frame. Plus I have kids that like to eat chicken nuggets and processed crap that I don't care for. So meals are tricky.

Self control is a biggie for me in a house full of yummy stuff. My kids like me to make baked cookies and cakes, and Justin can eat a lot of that, but I must just say no to drugs like that.

Anyway, I found this amazing website: Culinary Competitor that has great recipes to mix it up a little and it's targeted towards the racing crowd. If you love breakfast for dinner, as i do, there is a great waffle omelet combo that looks soo yummy. In the spring, when the intensity in training begins to increase, i know how important it is to fuel the body for recovery. Our bodies need caloric intake, but we also must eat right to train right to get to the all important, WIN! or at least not dead fu*&^ing last.

Peace! A

Monday, January 12, 2009

i hate waking up so early

Trying to stay warm. It was like 10 freakin' degrees out. Yes, I was wearing like 80 layers, that is why i look so fat....

Winter Wonderland.

Nothing better than riding with the one you love.

Justin took this pretty pic. Forest behind our house.

After a long ride, one must indulge in a little recovery. Bubbles and good company....ahhhh, the good life.

We have a downstairs apartment that has a full bar, hot tub, sauna, spare bedroom for guests and bikes, bathroom/shower, its the bomb and we finally got to have a poker party over the weekend. Too bad we didnt win any euro...

i hope we have enough beer...

what chu talkin' 'bout willis?

kids playin..

Still (barely) in the game.

The kiddo's were spent. I guess I cant get them to clean up for me now...darnnit!
We had a fun weekend. Hosted a poker party, ate a lot of good food, spent good timz with the fam, did some riding in the frigid cold and just enjoyed livin'. Im too tired to write, hope all is well in your world...peace, angie

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Predictions: Best comeback of '09

My tentative race schedule for 2009 is at the bottom of this post. I copied most of this from Justin's blog. I may not get to do every race because we have little ones. If it doesnt work out, I will give Justin first priority.

He broke his leg a little over a year ago. It was about a six month long nightmare. It was hard on me, but Im used to taking care of little kids and it kinda felt the same. Im sure it was a gazilion times worse for him.

He was skateboarding at the local bowl and who knows what happend. I got a call from him speaking in some gibberish, when I got there he was in shock.

The knee and leg were so swollen I couldnt lift the pant leg to see what kind of shape the leg was in, it also looked like the kneecap was rotated and twisted to the back of his leg, which i guess it was. It was gnarly, even the ER docs were kinda freaked out and we lived in a ski resort town, so that tells you how ugly it was.

He had managed to drag himself out of the bowl with his arms and call me, dude have you ever heard of 911??? That's so Justin....anyway, he broke the femur and the tibia and shattered the whole kneecap. It took close to a month to have the surgery due to the immense swelling. He wasnt lookin' so good, so he is hanging out for a month with this awful injury, only a brace over it to keep it stable. He wouldnt take his oxycontin because he feared addiction. Man, I woulda been eatin' that like candy, but anyway...he finally had his surgery, four days later he was discharged with 9 pins, and titanium in there. I am also thankful for the donor. Somebody lost their child and they gave us a gift. I am forever grateful. A child donors cartilage cells were implanted in there. Juvenile cartilage regenerates and this is a new technology. Justin pretty much wiped out any cartilage he had. We lived in Colorado and the doctors there were used to seeing these injuries with all the athletes that live there. Anyway, I am so proud of him, he started snowboarding way to early, he started riding ALOT, but he was strong and he continues to amaze me. He knew it would take a good year to get his fitness back, but I am so excited to see how does and especially to get the opportunity to do it in Germany is sweet. So that is why he gets top priority, he would never ask for it, he would always encourage me first, but I also know how much he loves it.

He would never tell you what i just wrote, but im tellin' your story man, so what?!

Okay enough of this, here's the sched:

May 17 - Painten

May 21/24 - SOG Karwendel Days (marathon, 12 hour, etc.); Karwendel, Deutschland

May 30 - Wustenselbitz

June 6 - Garmischer Marathon; Garmisch, Deutschland

June 14 - Weiden

June 28 - Hirschau Marathon

July 18 - Salzkammergut Trophy Marathon, Bad Goisern, Austria

July 21-Aug. 2 - Schlaflos im Sattel; Weidenthal, Deutschland

Sept 20 - Pegnitz

Sept 27 - Wunsiedel

I will be blogging a lot this summer about the racing and the fact we're doing it in Germany. Should be good times! *Angie*

Monday, January 5, 2009

cuz i roll like dat...

Dinner (i dont care how big my ass looks in my skinny jeans*)
*yes i do.

My next car will kick your cars butt! grrrrr.....rrrraaaarrrrr....

My riding buddy always kicks my arse!

Rylee's room is finally unpacked for her epicurean pleasure!!

yuuuummmmm.....i've had 4 of these suckers today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!boing....

definately not mother of year, just mother in training....

definately mother of the year and mother in training....bam! shidazzle!!! (nice backshot, eh?!)

its been one of those kinda snowed so it's cold. I am a wimp in the cold. I spent many years in the high desert of New Mexico. Those were the days man! You could ride year round, the group rides in Las Cruces were AMAZING! That town has the most friendly cyclists, an awesome bike culture. Those were good times. I surely miss all my friends back there.

Well, back to the cold, as you see, we bought a trainer. We gave our old one away in Colorado before we left. It was kinda ancient in the evolution of bike trainers, so we let 'er go. Anyway, I dont know a lot about these things, but this is what we have now. Its euro. I like it okay, but it never beats gettin out in the fresh air, but it does beat frigid, toe eating cold.

it's not as fun as it looks...Oh and ive been running and it sucks. I am soooo slow, but it is nice x training i guess. I just wanted to try it out for a bit. kinda miss skate skiing, i had free access to devils thumb ranch (colorado) last year because i worked there and it is top notch, not to mention beautiful! its a great place, so if you can check it out you should. i will definately be going back as a guest the next time!!!

Well, i have a date with the pool boy...oh yeah, and he's makin me a margarita...gotta go!
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Saturday, January 3, 2009

happy new year

happy friggin new year, smile, wink, kiss, yeah....