Tuesday, September 22, 2009

its called a bike numnutz...

Went to a wedding at a castle last Saturday. The wedding was like this freakin' illicit situation because some of the people we know dont like the couple. It was totally takin' me back to circa 1990, yeah, that was a year i was in highschool....anyway, Im glad we went and now that is history. Here are some pics from that illicit day....
Next on the sched is the championship race in Hohenfels on saturday. We have raced there before and it was super fun. Nice twisty singletrack, some good climbing, not a lot of time for recovery, so that will test the norms of this body. I have really backed off on the training miles. I have started to do some running and still doing weights. Not sure what my plans are here, but I am thinking I like the endurance races, so will probably focus on that for 2010, maybe a 24 hour in there, and some duo races with Justin. Having him as a coach has really pushed me and kept me focused, he gets on me when i slack off and also encourages me when its needed. If you cant tell i have an ego problem and he has no problem puttin it in check when needed...

The point of this post is the fact that Justin gets all kind of attention for his 29'er. It seems the oddity, the freakshow around these parts. The germans give it a good long glance, sometimes even stopping to stare at the anomaly before them. Why is it such a big deal? i dont know, but i promise it is not some lame attempt to take over the world...(maybe..heeehee)

I ordered some long, cute socks from a sight, called little mismatched.com, you should check it out, i will do a nice little "review" on them when they get here. hopefully i will get to rock em the next race,,,

anyway, this is a post fr the sake of posting and by the way, I still cant get over how many peeps from Israel read my stupid blog. It is awesome and hope you guys are rockin' rubber side down over there.!!!!!

Peace, more on HOhenfels later...

Friday, September 18, 2009


This is a sorta long post....(make up for not posting..haha)

The past week was rollin by so fast, that i didnt get to savor each flavor, i just kinda rolled along on the roller coaster called life.

Friday we headed to Regensburg, an hour drive from our house to watch the World Cup of Baseball. We got there early enough to watch Venezuela play China, which was pretty cool to watch, then we stuck around for the first inning of the USA vs. Germany. USA won the game and it was a lot of fun. We ate a bunch of bratwurst and drank some good bier, the kids ate a lot of candy and drank cokes, which is a treat cuz i dont buy that crap for them too often. We did a lot of hootin' and hollerin' and the Germans looked at us sorta wierd, but in a good way.
We had to leave early because we had to get up to Garmisch and at least sleep a few hours before our race in the a.m.
Getting into Garmisch around midnight, we realized we were not prepared AT ALL. We didnt buy groceries and had some meusli for the kids, but we needed more sustenance for racing. That night I felt nauseated and almost threw up a few times, I figured it to be all the crap i ate and drank at the game, but the next night Justin was sick, so I guess we had some bug, cuz my oldest missed some school this week because of it..

Up and at em, we headed over to the venue, it was at Keane's Lodge and all the super fast German locals were on hand, including Andi Stroebl, the marathon phenom racer, super fast and amazing cyclist. I didnt feel like eating really, and managed down a power bar, Justin the same, and then we warmed up. The highlight was that Justin and I led the kids race out. Gavin was really excited because he has been training, he rides every chance and he loves it.

So Gavin, my 7 yr old rolled up to the line with his two competitors, two older girls. He was so little compared to all the kids, they had the under 13 year olds on the line too.
He might have been towards the back in the beginning, but he put his game face on....
The little guy passed all his competition, he rode all the singletrack and had a blast. First Place for another Koppa. The next generation is gonna be fast!!
So it was time for me and Justin to race, I did okay, I got first in my category, but third place overall. There were two other girls, I know i coulda probably passed the one girl in second, but i just didnt have it in me, then the first place chick was Andi's wife and super fast. It was her race and she deserved it. Good job!
The real excitement was watching my husband. He got 5th place, missing first by 4 plus minutes. That is exciting, expecially it being Andi Strobel winning. Justin played cat and mouse i guess with another American riding a 29'er, being a guy named Ken who is the Indy Fab distributor here in Germany. I was glad to see Justin have some hearty competition and it was exciting to see. We all ended up getting First places in our classes because it was a US forces race and those with US id cards get the points for that I guess, so that's cool.
We headed back to the cabin, changed in our swimsuits and headed to the resorts indoor pool, hottub, sauna and steam room. It felt really good. Then had a nice dinner and some wine and went to bed.
Up early for the Ritchey Marathon race, we could still hear the rain pouring down, just as it had all night long. Justin and I headed to Oberammergau and saddled up, somewhat prepped, but neither of us had CO2 or a pump, forgetting about it and depending on our Stans'd up tubes.

I went first, as I was doing the US forces Nato race, Justin would go 2nd doing the 80km race. It was cold, wet and rainy, I knew this would garner some good carnage, hopefully not on my part, but nonetheless, it would be exciting.
My race was awesome, I loved it! it was super challenging, beautiful along the alpen countryside, cows with bells eating the super green grass, little alpen huts just sitting alone amongst the company of wildflowers, fog, hovering over us in the mountains, yes, we climbed a mountain. Before the ascent, there was a descent, that is when I noticed my front tire was flat. SHIT!!!!!!!! I was coming to the base of the climb in my best most polite, but freaked out manner, I asked some specatators if they had a pump, I used big arm pumping motion, i didnt know the word for PUMP in german, what a douchebag, so anyway, they understood me, the Stans held up and i was on my way. I probably lost at least 5 minutes due to this little fiasco, but I perservered and I managed to pull myself to a 10th place finish. There were 30 women in my group, so I am super happy with that result!!! YAHHHHYEEEHAWWWWWWWW!!!!
on a bummer note, my husband got a flat about 13k in, he was waiting for me at the line. He always has the most positive attitude, it lifts me up, but I know he was pissed and I would be too. We were not happy with our unpreparedness, and by luck did I get a pump, so always be prepared!!!! The morning of:
I like mud, its good for you and it tastes even better....
We headed back, rested, slept good, then headed out to do some eatin' and drinking. Went to Ettal to the 700 yr old monastery there. We had some of the schnapps they produce. It was herbal and so good, not making you feel wierd, actually we felt so good, it is supposed to be healing. After that we headed to a cheese place in Ettal, it is where they make the cheese and you can eat bread and cheese and beer there. Fresh alpen milk, all that, I never felt so stuffed on so little, it was hearty and good. You should go there if you ever make it out here!!
mmm...dunkel bier...
We had a pretty good time, despite a few bumps in the road, but that is what makes it real, and racing with some pretty stiff competition makes it even better. I will never forget this weekend or the prize i won:
Cool, huh, u know u want one...

This weekend I head to a wedding at a castle tomorrow, then a race sunday, most likely watching Justin. Then next weekend is the final in Hohenfels. Thee championship race, so looking forward to that. More to come soon, and thanks for reading this novel if you actually felt so inclined....Peace!!@ angie

Friday, September 11, 2009

Gear'n down

Summer dwindles on the slow turning leaves of a fallen branch here in Bavaria. The days are getting shorter and so are the rides, even the temps begin to do the up and down dance, up one day, down the next, who knows what tomorrow will bring, the morning fog is back and it is chilly in the a.m.'s, enough for a jacket, definately leg warmers.

Today I leave for two of the last 3 races i have left in the season. As summer comes to an end, so do the training days, the many logged hours on the bike, the intervals, the sacrifice of fun. And now is when I sadly thnk about the season, coming to an end, its bittersweet, but less bitter, because each year I do this, i love it more and more. Its all good.

Pondering the off season has been occupying my brain a bit lately. I have a list of to-do's, we'll see how many i excecute. Swimming, hiking, skiing, climbing, and running are big on the to-do list. I need to be outside as much as possible. It will be hard when the temps dip to the bone chilling cold and when it is dark at 4pm.

The last race for me is Sept. 26th, it is the US armed forces championship, so that will be it for me for a while.

I will post pics from our trip when we get back next week. We rented a cabin for our stay in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and im really happy that we get this opportunity to race and explore in this beautiful land.

Peace, hope everyone is happy and enjoying life! Ciao!