Friday, March 27, 2009

i c tha sun

Wowzers, Yipee, AWWWHYEAAH, WOOHOO, hatchacatchacootie!!!! The sun is out! Its 6pm, but the sun just came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


heres a pic of the runza's i made yesterday and the cutest little lady in the whole wide world...


Thursday, March 26, 2009

a vacuum would be nice about now..

So, upon moving to Germany, all or most of our appliances do not work here, our vacuum being one 110V. I have had to buy pretty much replacemnts for lots of stuff, and a vacuum was low on the list since most of the house is wood floors or tile. Yes, we use a converter or transformer here and there, but for most of our stuff it doesn't work.

Well, my sweet dear son decided that it would be really cool to tear apart a bunch (well, actually, a s&*t load) of styrofoam and play snowstorm in his carpeted room. I have spent the last 45 minutes trying to sweep that crap up, but it is now all static-y and its sticking to me, in my hair, on my shoes, down my pants. I hope Justin reads this and buys a vacuum today. But, kids will be kids and Im sure it was fun until I walked in the room and gasped. Im not mad, its just kinda annoying how they are sticking everywhere...

Anyway! Im actually having a good day despite the rain, but I am on a mission to make Runza's today and some banana bread. Runza's are kinda like hotpockets, but better. You just make a dough and then fill it with hamburger, cheese and some cabbage or whatever and then bake and it is sooo good. I think it's a midwest thing because I never heard of them until I met Justin, and he had them at a little resturaunt in Kansas somewhere as a kid. I love them.

Sorry, this post has nothing to do with bikes. Well, I did get my new wheelsets in, and I must say the purple nipples on one set are so cute! Pretty bikes rule!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunday mtb ride pics

It was never too creepy out there, there were places in the forest where it was black as night. It was quiet enough that I could only hear my breathing or JK rolling over the leaves or a stray stick. The trees were creaking a lot though and I told Justin "I think they are talking to each other". We were as respectful as possible to the land (and trees) and we really enjoyed the new terrain. I really enjoyed the slick, mossy rocks and even tried once to go off a log, to no avail, with only mockery in the background.

still snowin'

Well, it is still snowing here. I woke up to a white covered morning. I decided to take the day off yesterday so that I could recover a bit more after the long weekend riding and a cold I acquired from the little ones.

I will have to ride the trainer tonite, an easy E2 workout, so I wont be working too hard. Justin has my workouts all figured out, he just writes a training plan out for me week by week. I can really see a difference in the last month in how I feel on the bike. It is slowly getting less hard, but its still pretty freakin' hard. But I know how it feels like you are building a house, from the bottom up, laying a foundation, all that good stuff. He always tells me, to rest, its more important than the ride sometimes. Its hard to sometimes. I really rely on my heartrate monitor now and I find that it is pretty right on especially when it comes to letting me know its time to take a break.

Justin made some homemade granola. He is always making stuff, he is an amazing cook. Anyway, this stuff has whole oats, cashews, sunflower seeds and coated in a mapley syrup base and cooked in the oven for a while. Its super easy to make and the glycemic index must be right because it keeps me satiated for a good while. I like to add fresh blueberries, banana and vanilla enriched rice milk to mine. It tastes soooooo gooood!!!

My kids dressed up as batman and batgirl, Batgirl is carrying around a babydoll which I thought was funny.'

GIRLS RULE..BOYZ DROOL>>>>oh and I'll post some pics of the Sunday ride with JK from his camera in a bit...
peace, angie

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

snow in march

woke up this morning to a freak snow storm. it look like it is starting to calm now, but for a bit it was blizzardy.

I caught a cold from my kids, but its in my head mainly, so I will try and ride today. My legs feel pretty good. Justin gave my legs a pretty brisk massage Sunday night, so they pretty much feel amazingly good. I cannot stress the benefits of massage. It totally cuts your recovery time in half, if not more.

We saw a lot of people training over the weekend. Lots of fast looking Germans out there. I didn't see any women, but of course that doesn't mean a thing.

I really like it here a lot. I know when we move back the states I will miss this place. I sometimes get sick of the cold and snow, but it is definitely worth it. Two weeks from today we will be in Paris for the kids spring break. Im glad that our kids get this opportunity to see the world from a different perspective. I know I already have. I can see a much bigger picture than the little bubble I was in before.

Someone I know posted on her facebook that she really didnt give a flying hoot about Lance breaking his collarbone, given there are so many people losing their homes, losing jobs, etc. I so agree, I mean, why is that so freakin' newsworthy when there are real issues going on in the world?

There is more to life than just living it for yourself.

Okay, well, enough of the preachy bullshit, I wont bore you more than I already have..Hope everyone has a good day! I will despite my snotty nose...


Monday, March 23, 2009

spring hath cometh, sorta..

I had the most amazing weekend with the fam, but most of all with my bikes and JK.

It was so amazing Saturday. The sun was out all day. Justin and I did a three hour ride on our cross bikes. What is so amazing here that I love, is that all the towns around here are connected by paved paths. So if you're looking for some easy miles, its super safe and easy.

Rural Bavaria is very hilly. There arent any huge mountains, but it is mountainous sorta. There is just a big variety, you can stay on some flat stuff or you can really get your heartrate up and do a lot of climbing if you are up for it. Not only are there paved paths, but there are dirt paths that connect town to town.

On Sunday, JK and I got the mb's out and did all the dirt we could find. The highlight was the end of our 3 hour ride on Sunday. We found some cool bridges and it was very slick, rooty, rocky, mossy stuff, sooooo fun! I love dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for it, and finally was able to get a little muddy. I didnt take my camera that day, darnit, it was pretty awesome.

Saturday was sunny, Sunday was cloudy and this morning it is windy and cold again. I think we have a few more days of cold stuff and then I bet it will be 60's by next week. That is my hope!

Justin was cool enough to ride with me and then he would finish another hour or so, making his rides in the 4 hour range. Man, I definately think he is gonna kick some butt this year!!!

Well, here is my weekend download:

These are always were you would least expect it

On the road to nowhere...

I just made it to the top of this crazy climb when JK turned around and said, one more time, here he is coming up for the second round. I was impressed! He makes it look way to easy!

The ice is beginning to melt

One of the many beautiful views on our Saturday ride.

Friday, March 20, 2009

hello friends!

Well, it seems i have quite a good number of countries being represented and stopping by and checking out the site. Turkey, Israel, France, Belgium, Australia, the good USA, all over Germany! That is sooo cool!! Thankyou for coming by, I only wish I had cool stuff to post. But I promise in the next few months, it will be more action packed!

Here are some pics of my walk yesterday, the church is just up the road, really pretty.

6 hours over the weekend on the road. That is what is in store. Im already tired thinking about it, but as someone once told me "pain is just weakness leaving the body"....haha!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What was he thinking?

So today, Justin called me and asked me to pick something up for him. A friend went to a monastery this weekend and picked up some monk beer, but what a silly boy, asking moi to pick up this for him!!!

heeeehheeeeeee........what could I be up to????????????????????

(p.s. the bottle looks small, but it is actually bigger than my head?...hmm, that sound wierd)

happy st.paddys day

here is some of my sons artwork for your viewing pleasure. (i like that he has a blue face, cool!)

Happy st. Paddy's day, another reason to drink green beer and eat real salty beef and cabbage, I LOVE me some o'dat!!!

My legs are feeling a twinge of fatigue, but not enough, i am going to put them to the test over the next few weeks. Justin is ready to do a big race in Munich (city bike marathon) at the Olympic park in April. He doesn't think that Im ready yet. Should be fun to observe, I guess...?! My first race is going to be a race on the army base in May, then the next day is a race somewhere in Germany I think. Im excited to meet some like minded indivuals.

Well, gotta go......

Monday, March 16, 2009

weekend upload

here is my life uploaded, well, not really, but just a slice...