Thursday, August 28, 2008


Rocky Mountain summer's are unforgettable. This is my second summer up here and just as I was last year, I am still in awe. It (summer) doesn't last long. June was the last time it snowed! Then next month, in September, we will most likely have our first snows. Although it wont stick, it will start to get cool. The nights here are already getting pretty brisk and this morning I could see my breath. Summer's endless beauty is soon coming to an end in the valley.

Summer here is like living in the shire...for those who know what the shire is...

It is soooo green, magical really, you can see the life that just blossoms here after being piled under feet of snow all winter long. You see the summer breezes here because there is some sort of life floating in it, and it can be serenely still. Wild flowers of different variety color the meadows and the summer sun can be intense at our elevation. The river veins it's way through the landscape, as you let the sound of the water distract you from life's problems. Everyone seems happy, happy to be outside playing and smelling the mountain air that has the lingering notes of pine and wildflowers. Baby moose, little bear cubs, fawns and baby foxes all come and play and we sometimes get a tiny glimpse of them. That is why I cannot stand to be inside on a beautiful day, to live here is in some sort of way a privilege and to honor the land, you must play here and enjoy what she has to offer. It is truly magic to live here, and at night, I lay in bed, watching the curtains play in the evening wind and listen to the majestic trees sing a night song with the crickets, as I drift off to sleep, only to dream of a place that is still untouched by the harmful hand of man. But I live it. I live here and I hope to keep this dream going for a while...

this is why the post's are slow of busy enjoying my home, here in the valley...
some pics for your viewing pleasure...all from yesterday. xoxo ang

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Race Cancelled! Its Snowing Up here!!!!

The race today (in Winter Park-where I live) has been cancelled! Home sweet home has been dusted by the snow fairy. Yes- I know it is only August-but I live in the rocky mountains above 9000 ft so that is the kindof stuff that happens. Of course it will warm up again and we will have those days when i just leave the windows open all night and the summer breeze blows the curtains in a little night dance. So for your viewing pleasure I have hijacked some pics of what we have on the ground this morning at the resort. You can barely see the singletrack. The race for us pro/experts is 17 miles of little ridden singletrack way high on the mountain. You have to take a lift to get to the start. They say on the website it rides longer than you think. So we will partake of this madness next weekend when it is nice and warm again.

This weekend is a huge event in town. The bikers (the motorcyle type) have taken over and there is a huge group of veterans for a veterans rally and some heavy metal bands in town to rock it. I should be busy at work since it is so rainy and cold and sleety that I have a feeling I will be givin some big burly dudes and chicks some relaxing massage...Bring it!!! Im ready....

Hope your weekend is sunny and warm. I will be taking advantage of this weather to brush up on my cross skills as we will be consuming as much cross racing as possible this fall. Theres a bunch of races comin up starting Sept.

have fun!!!!! xoxo angie

Monday, August 11, 2008

I need some EPO....Just Kidding....

I have been one freakishly tired and irritated person as of late and so it goes that I have some blood issues and anemia is most likely the culprit.

I really dont need EPO but turns out some iron supps might be in order.

So this means that I may not be kickin' it hardcore in the races comin' up. I may just save it for the king of the rockies-the last race in our series. Anemia is like having a can of whoop ass in your hands but no can opener and it is freakin frustrating as you try and open that can to no avail...But I probably will skip out on this up comin' weekend race. I just dont have it baby and it dont feel right. Its like I wake up and I just want to go back to sleep or take naps-for Angie Koppa- I just dont do that. I dont nap. I wake up super early ready and charged-ready for life and what it throws at me. Then come 8-9'oclock I get sleepy and do it all over again. So when all I wanna do is sleep I know somethings wrong. If I can get my blood charged back up with life *blood* then I will hopefully have a few more races in me before the snow falls. Which by the way will be sooner rather than later up here. Oh and big props to Dave Wiens who put the smak on Armstrong in the leadville 100 this weekend what an amazing finish/race for both of them..I bow down...

I was hoping to go to nuevo mexico in Sept for this awesome little race -the hustle- but maybe not now. I dont wanna show up and blow up if you know what I mean. But maybe I will just show up to stir up the pot a little...hehh..heh...

Today we are going fishing because the kids want to go and then we'll ride our bikes up to the resort and have a picnic. I think and hope I can keep up with my six year old he's pretty fast. I guess he must have his daddy's genes.

It rained up here all weekend and it has been cold. I put the down blanket on the bed last night and woke up this morning to some eerie fog. Luckily I had Justin to keep me warm...

Well this upcoming weekend is Hawg Fest up here. It is basically a bunch of bikers and metal bands and hopefully the bikers (harley davidson type) are sore and tired from riding and need the attention of one amazing massage therapist (moi)...I can definitely deliver some relief from those aches and pains! Alrighty then...I know this sucks and Im bored with myself..sooo.....hasta...

Friday, August 8, 2008

New clothes rock!

I got my new kit in the mail the other day, and the new jerseys are so cute and super sweet looking. Mine fits just perfect for my five foot petite little body. I am super happy.

Here is a pic of the new look, on me and my other favorite bella (thanks to whoever did this, I stole from the bella boards--too cute!)


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crankworx weekend ovah and done wit' dat

Here are some pics of the mountain states race at Sol Vista for your viewing pleasure. Justin only got pics of the pro men and he did not get any pics of me at crankworxs, so sorry for that. Anyway, Then here are a few pics of my two favorite guys in the world. My six year old son, Gavin is so much fun to be around. He has the contagious happy kid energy that makes me feel sooo good. I just wanna be his tag-a-long and jump over logs and rocks and sing happy songs and forget for a moments time that there are no worries in the world, well, maybe some little ones, like I might not get home to watch my favorite cartoon, Ben 10 in time, or that we might be out of chocolate milk. Man, kids have it down! Sometimes I forget that it's not all that bad, just be, and be happy at that!!

So you want my race recap??? You sure??? Its a bitch and whine post, but not too bad. Well, it took me 3hrs and 25 minutes to complete this mainly climbing, 24 mile course. I wanted to finish it within 3 hours, which I very well could have, but mechanicals man, mechanicals can screw it all up for you. I was the last Expert women across the line and thankfully (but freakin' close) last racer across the line.
The course started out in Fraser and climbed the jeep road to sunken bridges, then up upper elk creek road, a good six mile climbing loop, then down U. P. C rd, down some gnarly stuff that could hurt you if you didnt handle your bike very well on it. Then up the road to Zoom, down zoom, down chainsaw, up elk crk. meadow, up d2, up WTB, down d4, then you cross the ford, well, I tried, and everyone else carried their bikes, then I proceeded to slip and get nice and wet and look like an ass, but honestly, that water never felt better!! Then it all gets blurry from there, its like another ten miles or more back to the resort, somewhere before the downhill, my chain gets caught in my rear dérailleur, it is so tightly wrung up, there is no slack, Im using all the little strenght I have left to push and pull what I can to no avail. It just sucked. Sooooo.....I coast in when I can, run my bike when I cant coast, it sucked, and it took me a while to make it to the finish.

At the finish, I was getting the looks from people, the looks, of curiosity, of "what the hell is up with that chicks bike", of "that sucks", blah, blah. I sat there for a second and it started, I could feel the emotion of it, the tears starting to well up in my eyes. But I decided in a split second of that emotion that I wasnt gonna have it, I did the best I could, I finished for goodness sake! I rode a kick ass sweet course! I need to just chill and enjoy the fact that I am racing again!!! Anyone that races and feels that competitive edge and then you have a major mechanical or something that ruins the race, well, you know how I feel. BUT, its okay and I will get back on that bike and try again at the next race.

One of the best things that happened that day, well, a little girl was in awe of me in my Velo Bella jersey. She is like, " I love your shirt", it just melted me for a second, and I remember the vision of this team and that the bella vibes spread and maybe that little girl will be the next Alison Dunlap of her time, its corny, but it is just so cool to see that curiosity in a childs eyes.

Okay, until next time, hope all is well in your world! Peace,