Friday, February 27, 2009

hijack a ride

One day a few weeks ago, we were out by the army base and we saw a group of cyclists forming outside the gate. Justin says he's gonna go hijack the ride tomorrow. I saw on the weather that it's supposed to be in the 40's tomorrow and raining.

I guess it will be cool to go and see what kind of group ride they got goin' on...well sorta.

Im glad it's Friday. I have a lot planned for the weekend, but will I be able to do it all? We'll see.

I promise my blog will be more intersting once the season starts. For now, you will have to put up with pics of my kids and my musings on life and what it like to live in Angie's world. I do live in my own little world. Justin hates it, but i thnk he secretly likes it. He is sooooooo that killer dude in the matrix and im so downtown julie-brown, it makes a great combo and some freaky cool kids.

peace, angie

Thursday, February 26, 2009

bloggin for nuthin'

i dont know what to write about. Yesterday I turned the big 35, man 5 more years til i wont be trusted no mo', or was that 5 years ago? i dont know, i can still be trusted.

Thankyou Justin and kids for the great birthday gifts and the amazing cake and all your love, it means the world...

I found out yesterday that we are going to be going to this cool little hideaway up in the bavarian alps, about 4 hrs way. It is this lodge that used to be a hideout for some guy hitler dedicated his mein kempf (sp?) to. Then the us took control of it and now its the us governments. Well, anyway, Salzburg, Austria is only 30 min drive away. A bunch of us are gonna take our boards and ski's up there for an amazing weekend. Im real excited, just to go and see this beautiful place. Not sure if i'll ski, i took a bad spill last season, kinda have some knee issues, so might not, but the kids and J will. Gavin is such a badass on the ski's. This little 7 yr old just tears it up.

Well, I was thinking about all the traveling we're doing, a week after the ski trip, we'll be heading to paris for a week. I cant wait, Ive been thinking about it for a long time. I guess, all the romance and the food and the wine, it has allured me for a long time since I was a kid. I have always wanted to go. I did go briefly in travels, but never explored. Anyway, to the point, after paris, we have one more trip definately planned to barcelona, then school starts, so we have to kinda slow it down.

I guess my point is that if you have kids or are thinking of having kids, dont let it discourage you that you cannot keep the lifestyle you want. We always took our kids to races. Gavin was a baby and traveling. You can do it if both people pitch in. I could not do any of this without the help of Justin, who is not only a good husband, but an awesome dad, that doesnt just watch the kids, but he plays with them and I mean get down dirty play. Well, I can give tips to people that want to travel abroad with a toddler, its tough, but you need to keep them occupied, that is the NUMBER 1 thing. Gavin is 7, he's easy, the teenager is easy, but likes to think she's in charge, which sometimes she is, but I dont let her know that...hahha just kidding. But I would say Rylee is toughest because she's 2. She is the epitome of what a terrible two should be. She screams, she throws tantrums, she cusses like a sailor at the worst opportune time, she bites, hits and scratches, but she is also an angel when she has a book, crayons, babydoll, etc, etc., just keep them occupied and all is fine, and dont beleieve the things they say about giving them drugs like benadryl. I did a trial and gave her some and instead of falling asleep she was bouncing off the walls, yeah, all over the place, glad we were'nt on the plane for that one.

Well, anyway, if anyone needs ideas, I got 'em. Kids are a blast, they are tough work, but they are also so much fun and I have high hopes that ours will turn out alright in the end...haha...

I now have some kind of pre pnemonia crap, and i cant spell for crap, so dont analyze my writing, but I rode yesterday, it was SUNNY for a while, now its back to shit again, but Justin told me not to ride today since it's in my chest. I feel like the season is fast approaching, like i better get on it, and stuff like this sucks and holding me back. But best to heal.

Okay, gotta go, sorry, im rambling again, i do that a lot if you havent already figurred it out...adddddddd........

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

things to do when its snowing outside & random pics

The sign into our village, its gonna be gorgeous here in the summer,(like the movie Heidi, for the reals)...

around the area we live

lots of snow

sign on a local eatery...hmmm......


Its been pretty much snowing here for a week. On and off. Not long enough for the sun to shine. Im doing the trainer and being very active, even if most of it is indoors. Ive been making clay mushrooms for the terrariums we are making, we made some cool UFO crayons and Justin was workin on one of his bikes.(what'd you spill on ur shirt?)

The deer here are so cute and they are really small. Living in Winter Park, we had moose, bears and elk all around, so these little guys are the size of a large dog. They are so cute, I might try and catch one and keep it as a pet.

Im really hearing a lot of good stuff about ergon and Im looking forward to making a purchase soon, Im also looking forward to getting a new stan's wheelset too, im also looking forward to RIDING MY FREAKIN MTN BIKE OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

haha, Justin is not a weenie, he goes out and rides even if he falls down. Ive never actually seen him fall, but I did see him fall down our steps the other day, it was one of those,,,oh shit, are you okay????? (while secretly laughing because it was funnyier than shit),,hmmm....that sounds kinda mean. I promise, Im a nice person. Oh and my seven year old beat his old man at chess the other day, the kids a genius...

Anyway, I better go, gotta ride that train baby....

Friday, February 20, 2009

Its snowing, Hoorray!!!

Well, its snowing again, for like the gazillionth time already, so what is a girl to do?

Today i will have to ride the bike trainer,,,again...

It is not a place where you can ride outside without slipping too much, but I guess im just not hardcore enough. Justin rode to work today and home, so he is a badass I guess.

Today i went down to our downstairs apartment and I saw all this juicy, sexy new bike equipment. I was drooling at the mouth and it isnt even mine. Justin bought some new stuff and it sure was pretty sparkly and swell sitting there all layed out like a penthouse centerfold all dolled up waiting for me to ride! know ride the, uh, i dont know what the hell that just was...

anyhoo, dont know what the weekend has in store. there are numerous projects i have as far as art, there is the fact that I am wanting to buy some furniture and the roads make that unfavorable to venture out, and i need, need, need to clean my house. But all that can wait, as I have some kiddo's that want to play, maybe we'll make forts in the living room and pretend we're camping and have s'mores and beers under the "stars", yum , good combination...
hug someone.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


\sorry, k, im lazy, i added the same pics to my facebook, we brought something back with us and its called the flu, add more later

Monday, February 16, 2009

i keep forgetting...

im kinda a scatter brain, and I mean to show you the team for 2009, new beginnings...

Here's a link and many of you know Jeni and Matt Turgeon, and all the big wheel riders from all over, there is a team over here in Europe, and all the guys are super cool from my take, so that is a good fit, nice to be associated with great racers and good people

Big Wheel Racing
Big Wheel -Europe

DobrĂ½ den!

Good morning. We are still in Prague, and I am sitting here in bed watching the snowflakes fall above a city cloaked in the cold stuff. We've had quite the adventure here. Many good memories and the kids were really good, just a little slow (only the toddler), she wanted to walk everywhere instead of being pushed in her stroller, but that was alright. We probably walked a total of 10 miles yesterday and enjoyed the beer to satiate our hunger for more adventure. I'll post pics tomorrow, i took a gazillion.

Good work to the teams at Old Pueblo. Saw some of my old girlfriends "Cruces Cameltoes" got 3rd in the 4 women , woot woot!! Um, Justin old team, Weapons of Ass Destruction took a first place, Smokey and the Bandits, our buddy smokin' ray's team got 10th in the 4 men singlespeed, Ergon team riders: Kerkove, Weins, Yuki and Sonya got a first. Man, lots of people from the old 'hood out there showing up and givin' er'...

I am supposed to up the ante this week, and I hope to deliver in the training front. I dont know what kind of weather we are in for. Kinda miss watching real television, but maybe not watching is a good thing.
Hope everyone is having a good day.x-ang

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines day...Off to the land of beer...

Me and one of my lil' Valentines...

Happy Valentines Day!!!
Today we are heading to Praha (Prague, CZK) for the next few days, comin' back Monday. I wonder what adventures lie ahead for us. I havent packed yet, which might be important to do. Procrastinator...Justin will crack the whip soon...

A friend pointed us to a beer shoppe that is supposed to have the best beer in the world so we can bring some back. I heard of a pickpocket problem, but I have three kids that will maim on my command, so should be okay.

It has snowed here every night since Monday night, except for last and there are blue skies above me this morning. Hopefully the snow is leaving and we can expect warmer temps ahead so that I can ride outside!! I really am a wimp when it comes to cold weather riding. Justin rode two days into work this week, he doesnt care if its a blizzard out, he'll still ride, Ive never heard him complain. I am the complainer, but I try and see the good side of any situation. I told Justin that we have to move somewhere WARM when we go back to the States, any suggestions? Colorado is always sunny, New Mexico has awesome food and bike culture...Cali is my home callin' my name, but it might be Kansas of all places, man, that would be a weird...

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo (24HITOP) is this weekend. Justin and I both have fond memories of that race. I am jealous of all of you that get to race it, and I wish all of you luck and good times. Last year I heard of a couple people getting bikes stolen, WTF is wrong with people, bastards!! I would hack a nut off for that shit...

Okay, gotta go, the kiddies are wakin' up! Peace!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

fillin' up the flight addiction...

gives whole new meaning to one lump or two?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Soo much going on...

Ahhhh, two of my favorite people...

Last week was all about recovery, and this week is all about puttin in some base. It snowed all last night and Justin just informed me it is to be weather weary up until Saturday, which is the day we are leaving for Prague. I will spend the week in the gym, and on the trainer until we leave Saturday. Oh, and Justin paid for our trip to Paris in April, so I am soooo excited about that!!!

I have never been to Prague, so I am looking forward to spending the weekend there. It will be kinda interesting going with a toddler, a teenager and a 7 year old. But we always manage to have the best time, even with a few meltdowns thrown in the mix. Just one big happy family!! I am looking forward to taking lots of pictures and I will of course be posting many of them for your viewing pleasure.

Gavin had his birthday on the 8th at MegaPlay, a fun indoor gym type place for kids, and anyway, they made his nametag and it said, Garden, not Gavin and I am just laughing at how they came up with "Garden",?
He thought it was funny...

He decided he wanted a "Bolt" birthday cake, it was easy to make

Gavin pullin' his old man and little sis, he is one tough little dude...

If you are looking for something to clear your head, and get the blood and circulation going, here is my recipe for Green Chile Stew. I always make this when someone is sick too, it always clears up the sinuses and gets a fever to break. I miss New Mexico (hatch) green chiles, so if you can get them for this, it is VITAL for this recipe. Otherwise, it wont be as good, but it will still be a'ight..
1 whole Chicken (cleaned and minus insides)
As many green chiles as you can put in, I like at least 5 long ones, cut up and diced, if using cans, you could use 2-3 cans
5-6 small red and purple potatoes-diced
2-3 juicy red and yellow tomatoes-diced
1 onion-diced
1 clove garlic-diced
1 bunch Cilantro-cut up minus stems
1 Lime
2 c. water
Salt and Pepper to taste
Tortillas for dipping
First, boil Chicken until fully cooked and save the stock.
After chicken has cooled, take chicken meat off the chicken, the breast meat is best in the stew and shred it as much as you can. Use as much as you want, and whatever is left over, use for sandwhiches or whatever you fancy. Now, in a seperate pot for your stew, add 1/2 of your chicken stock from boiling, if you can, strain it over a filter, but it is okay if you dont, just pour it in, then add 2 c. water to that. Next, add your chicken, diced green chile, tomatoes, onion and garlic and cilantro. Simmer for at least 5 hours, then add your potatoes, a little salt and pepper to taste, and a shot of lime, cook for another 30 minutes, and wha-la, you have yourself some Green Chile Stew. Make sure you heat up those flour tortillas, they are the best dipped in the stew while it's piping hot. Enjoy!

Now, I must go ride...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009

fairies, gnomes and sprites

Fairies in the woods...

Well the last few days have been a blur. I havent even been on the bike, well I did manage to get an hour in today and that was all i could handle. I got my ass kicked by the dentist the other day and I am just now starting to feel alright, just a little pain, but not enough to keep me in my pajamas for another day. Justin even took a day off to care for me.

Tonite, I took my son to his school library to check out some books, they do this at night for some reason, anyway, they were giving away free books and I found 4 awesome books!! I collect vintage childrens books, mainly for crafting, but I found a book called All about fairies!!!! The graphics are virtually untouched!!! So my plan for these are treasure boxes for my kids. They collect all kinds of stuff, even rocks, abc gum, etc, etc, they need something cool to keep their childhood treasures in. I was just oooing and ahhhing at the library, the other parents were looking at me wierd as I was freaking out at the awesome finds. Justin in the corner looks at me rolling his eyes...the pics are of my awesome finds...
mushroom fun dance, wish i was there!

napping by the old oak, fairies come out to play, trickery and mischief...

Haha, anyway, Gavin told me today that weenies are made out of "pig butt and cow poop", I just couldnt stop laughing. Kids man, he kinda nailed it on the head!
cheerful, content, happiness in solitude..

I am busy, busy, Gavin turns 7 on Sunday, so he is begging for a Ben 10 cake, so must put my betty craker, i mean crocker skills to work, must make treat bags, must ride bike, must, must just FOIUIUUIUOIIUOI, okay, more to come soon....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i'll post more when im numb

sooo,, here i am, freakin' on the bench. i will have to curtail my training for the next day or so, i had oral surgery yestreday and so I will not be able to ride for a few days. To spare you the gruesome details of the inside of my mouth, i have had a toothache for a while that got progressivly worse and worse and it was time to put it off no longer and visit the dentist. It was really fun and Gavin and I both were seen by our new dentist that is from Argentina, that speaks little english, but mucho deutch. I wonder what my pain tolerance is because, this shit hurts bad, but I keep trying to remember I have had children, the last one, Rylee, well, she came so fast, I had her within 20 minutes of arriving at the hospital, so no pain killers, au natural was that birth...

Well, I have pics to post of the weekend, when I get a little numbed up on the painkillers i will put some pics up. Gavin turns 7 on Sunday, and me and Justin's 11 year anniversary of our first date was on Superbowl sunday....