Monday, November 30, 2009


Thanksgiving was great! It was a typical American Thanksgiving, complete with turkey and all the fixin's. I was a bit worried, only cuz our freezer is not much bigger than a shoebox and our oven isnt much bigger. We pulled it off, our turkey was only 9 lbs, so we didnt have a lot of leftovers. But it was still perfekt!!

Things are smaller in Europe. Our flat is not that big, but we have a whole nother seperate flat that houses a bar, sauna, hot tub another bedroom, a bike workshop and a bathroom. So nothing is terribly small I guess.

We've been here a year now and I have been thinking about all the things that make living here so different than living in the states. How thankful I am for all the great opportunities we have had and the chance we get to experience bike life abroad. And its all just simply amazing. I love it. I miss home sometimes, but I really do like life here and I think we will stay as long as we can.

Life in Germany is VERY different, than living in Colorado where we just came from. But the differences only add to the greater experience called "Life". Things that seemed so important a year ago, are only lost and forgotten somewhere in the distant past. You just have to take it all in perspective I guess.

Justin tearing it up in Strullendorf, then we headed to Bamberg and enjoyed the rauchbier, its a very smoky, yummy beer:
Life is what you make it!! Angie

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Been riding the singlespeed. Its definitely a different kind of riding. I really like it. I think Justin thought I would hate it, but he wuz WRONG! I love it! I also started a run and ride class I take on tues and thurs. Its an indoor spinning class for an hour then we go up to the track and do a sprinting with a core body workout incorporated into it. It is killer, literally, Im pretty fatigued physically from it, but I am already seeing some results in such a short period of time. Its nice to be around like minded individuals!

Im really looking forward to racing in Germany and beyond this year. I like the energy of the races here. I do miss racing in the states, and all the good friends I've made along the way. The slick desert singletrack, the high alpine riding, the pretty intense technical sections that give you the butterflies in the tummy...i miss that. Not a lot of crazy open singletrack here, but TONS of safe riding. Miles, and miles and miles. and miles....
What is your best? What are your goals? I have a lot of plans or goals I guess, but the one thing that I think Ive learned that is soooo important is dont sweat the small stuff! I think that if you understand your going to make mistakes along the way and dont beat yourself up about it, you feel so much better in the long run.

I am really enjoying this time in Germany. The snow hasnt fallen yet and the days are chillier but doable on the bike. I have not had to set up the trainer yet (YAY), so that is good.

bavaria, religious references everywhere
back behind our village
our village (tiny dot on the road is JK):
This weekend Im pretty sure I am going to do a cross race somewhere around nurnberg. I dont know if Im ready, but I'll never know if I dont at least try! Better go work on my dis/mounts...


Sunday, November 1, 2009


Its Fall in Bavaria. So beautiful. Leave colors exploding, falling...fog in the morning, darnkness at the rise and the fall...
It all begins, the long sleep once again.
A few weeks ago, we headed to Plzen, Czech to watch the UCI cyclocross worldcup. It was really fun to drive down with friends that have not seen a race like this. It was cold, rain, and muddy, perfekt conditions for the cyclocross race. Plzen is only a rough hour from our home in Germany. We take the autobahn into the Czech Republik and its off the highway not much further after the border. We found a quaint little restaurant where i was given the "bear claw", a pork chop style piece of meat stuffed with melted cheese and mushrooms. mmmmm...and topped it off with one of the local biers. It was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed watching Mr. Albert take the win.

what's a x race without a beer, especially in the home of the original budweiser
Go, Go, Go!!!
Random pics:
The winners:
Now, I have been just being lazy. Sorta, but I have my training plan in order and starting tuesday i will do a group training that incorporates running and riding in a two hour increment. I run on other days and lift weights, and then da, dah, da dahhhhh.....Justin converted my bike into a singlespeed for the "off season" training. Im really excited about it. Maybe I wont change it back :)

Rylee and I on our morning hike into the forest
awww, pickin' flowers for mommy
It has been really cold. REALLY cold. It snowed a few weeks ago, but no new snow, just bitter cold, and very wet. The forest is back behind our village and I ride and run into it almost everyday. Rylee and I have been finding all kinds of cool mushrooms. When we lived in Colorado we would go mushroom hunting. My kids loved it. I was beginning to know and ID the mushrooms, but they are bit different here. I do recognize some of them. Especially the MAJICK ones...heeeehehee...of course i just look, dont touch :)

where's the white rabbit?
Who's that scary guy behind me??? G was wolverine for halloween,
I will try to keep the posts up and the pics. Hope ur staying warm where ever you are! Angie :)