Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beautiful Strasbourg

My husband decided to suprise me with a weekend trip to Strasbourg, France for our 10th anniversary weekend.  He had booked hotel and planned the trip all himself.  It was the sweetest thing.  He also bought me an addition the my platinum wedding ring, an anniversary band and it was all the much sweeter that he thought enough to do such a grand and sweet thing.

I have been so happy in the years I've been with him and I cant believe we have been married for 10, been together 12.  It seems like yesterday that we met, in San Diego, our beach trips, our rockclimbing trips all over California, seeing Chris LeDoux, lots of times spent on the bike, at races together, planned a family, now parents to some pretty neat kids.  We've had a good run of it, havent we senor!!  We have had so many adventures, and it seems like the fun never stops, but we've had our share of craziness, and he has stuck with me through it.  I've sadly to say put him through some hell at times, but thankyou, that is all I can say.
Anyway...back to Strasbourg.  It is not far, we decided to drive over from Saarbrucken and drive the toll road through France.  We could've driven down through Germany, but decided to see the French Alsace countryside.  It was a relaxing drive, no probs, then headed into the city of Strasbourg.  Our hotel was right in the old part of the city.  Very romantic place.  We headed to the main square, found a cute cafe and had lunch, flammkuchen, fries for the kids, and of course some wine and beer.  Walked a lot that weekend, was nice at night to walk through the cobblestreets of the old city.  Enjoyed a nice night of reminicing over a bottle of french red and just enjoyed a wonderful weekend with my favorite guy and two little monkeys.
The old french part of Strasbourg, little France I think it is called was so nice to walk on Sunday morning.  It was so quiet and the river running through the city was calm and made for nice scenery along with the very old quarters.
I would love to go back in the summer time.  It was cold , but we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless.
The church is beautiful.  I have been through so many cathedrals living here in Europe, but I was most impressed with the cathedral here.  It is magnificent as you walk through the square and it just is like Bam!  Magnificent is a good word.  The cathedral was beautiful inside, we were there after dark, so the candles lit all throughout sent out a beautiful ambiance.

Great city!  Au Revoir, Angie

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