Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm still alive

It has been awhile, but yes, Im not dead.  We were lucky to spend the holidays back in the States and took some day trips and weekend trips into France and around here.  Things are kinda slowing down, but in a week or so, it will be craziness for most of the month of Feb, and March hopefully being calm, April travels in order to a warm destination and then then making it towards the finish line for school to end (all in one breath!) Pheww!!
In my last post I was unsure as to what my future prospects in the cycling world would be and I still pretty much feel that way, except that I at least know for sure I want to ride my bike ALOT!!  Not just for training but for fun.  This is the first time I have really taken a long break from the bike, well more from training, and I have to say that maybe it was a good thing because it only made me miss it more (i miss racing, but racing back home).

It has been a really cold and snowy winter here in Germany.  After we got back from the States, we came back to a lot of snow, but then miraculously, the clouds parted, the sun came out and melted all the snow, it was "warm" out, 50's is warm, trust me, but it was wonderful.  Of course a good thing like that cant last too long, so now we are back to frigid temps and the occasional snow shower.  Oh, Spring, how I cant wait for you to come back again!!
snowman makin' time:

My husband has ventured into the world of XTERRA and triathlons and so I think this summer I will be his groupie and just cheer him on from the sidelines and offer support.  I think maybe I need a good season off.  I might do a race or two, but not training hardcore for anything at the current moment.  Who knows, maybe I will be inspired by my husband to tri a tri (ha!).  I've done a few in college, but no ironman distances and I enjoy 'tagging' along with him on his runs or to the pool, with me poorly swimming along or running along, but its fun.  Man, he's gotten strong, especially with the swim.  What a difference a year and consistent swimming will do for someone that was not the best swimmer (sorry honey) and with zero percent body fat, he just sorta sunk in the water.  The boy is buoyant now!!  And he has an amazing body from all the swimming, those arms and shoulders are in true Micheal Phelps fashion!!  Except my guy is waaaay cuter.  Anyway, enough of the gushing, seriously though, have you watched someone train for an Ironman?!  Its a part time freaking job unto itself, so I am going to sit back and enjoy the view for now.

 Also, I miss singletrack so, so, so bad.  It could be the reason for my lack of motivation.  I love being here, but there is little to no real long singletrack and when you race its 90% jeep road.  I did find a cool place to ride around this castle area, but as far as my intense love for the mountain bike, a lot of that love is based on what Im riding.  Singletrack, sketch, gnar, all that, i miss.  I miss the excitement of cleaning shit that I was scared to attempt or just the feeling of being out on the trails and being excited about the trail.  It sorta sux in that way, but life is what you make it, so gonna try and be more positive on that front...

Im still very much amateur'd out and excited about photography.  About what little I know.  I have been looking at software and stuff.  I have some wonderful ideas and hope to get some great sport shots, hope to see some of the spring classics, maybe le tour as well.  I also love taking pics of my kids and just the area around here and our travels.  We have some traveling coming up in the future, but I wont give it away until we go or come back.  In this day and age, one should be a little less flamboyant with what she's doing and where and when she is going somewhere....

Anyway, I appreciate anyone for taking the time to read, hope somewhere in the world someone is enjoying the sunshine..


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